Monday, September 03, 2018

favorite movie #35: chef

Favorite movies that have had an impact on me - #35 - Chef (2014) - Clearly a labor of love for writer, director, producer, and actor Jon Favreau, Chef is for everyone who loves food and great movies. When Chef Carl (Favreau) loses it with his clueless boss (Dustin Hoffmann, who only wants Carl to play it safe) and a local food critic (Oliver Platt who only wants Carl's food to wow him like it used to) he loses his job. With the help of pal and line cook Martin (John Leguizamo) and his tech-savvy son Percy (Emjay Anthony) Carl spends the summer outfitting and touring the country with his new food truck, El Jefe. Percy, beignets, and Cubanos all help Carl rediscover his love of Cuban food and cooking. It's hard not to salivate along with his wonderful movie. The soundtrack is amazing, too.


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