Wednesday, September 10, 2008

la, la, la, yikes

What is it with the music industry and duets? Why do they keep foisting unlikely pairings on innocent ears? The local radio station that I listen to recently changed its format from a fun eclectic mix to classic rock, so I have been switching over to the pop/rock station when the umpteenth Zeppelin song is played during my morning commute. I know, I know, I could bring CDs or plug in the iPhone, but sometimes it's fun to hear something different, that I would never play. But not this morning.

My ears were assailed by this chestnut from Cher and Peter Cetera. It got me thinking about duets. How can some be so right and some be just so wrong? Cher should know how to sing a duet. I Got You Babe is a classic, I guess (and will probably turn up in rotation in that new station format - yikes.)

What about some other good cop bad/cop situations? Stevie Nicks is a good (and bad) example. Her work with Tom Petty on Stop Draggin' My Heart Around is great and even Whenever I Call You Friend can be a fun radio song. But Leather and Lace with Don Henley - not so much. Stevie seems to be having a bit of a renaissance lately, with rumors of Fleetwood Mac touring next year, and the internet passings around of footage of a recent performance. But when I think of Stevie (apart from her famous collaboration and relationship with Lindsay Buckingham) School of Rock's Joan Cusack being summoned by Jack Black to dance to Edge of Seventeen on the jukebox also comes to mind...


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