Saturday, September 27, 2008

shut up, old man

If McCain said one more time last night how he was in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. etc. ... All he left out of each sentence was "before you were born." It was like cranky gramps trying to tell the young dude what's what. When he went on about Afghanistan and mentioned Alexander the Great, I was waiting for him to add, "My great friend..." There was too much inside-the-Beltway speak, too. I mean, really, the acronym of DOD probably went over like DUH in many "Main Street" homes. There was too much condescension. I didn't really intend to be ageist about this election, as the differences in positions on issues were more than enough for me. Not to mention the serial bad decisions and bad choices coming from Camp McCain. But after last night, these words come to mind. Coot. Geezer. Codger. Curmudgeon. Crank. Galoot.


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