Tuesday, September 23, 2008

rumble in da bronx

I've been going (or been taken) to Yankee Stadium since I was a kid.

All sorts of memories.

Of a streaker who disrupted a game.

Of some ticket snafu which, after my dad said he was a newspaperman, got us down into the clubhouse where we got to meet a player and get the autographs of ball players not playing the first game of the double-header (Thurman Munson!)

Bat day, hat day, ball day.

Seeing them at Shea when the stadium was being renovated.

In college, taking the subway up to the Bronx - it took FOREVER.

Seeing them in Florida at a Spring training game. Seeing them on the road, in D.C., Baltimore.

Some of the coolest players ever.

Roy White. Thurman. Bobby Murcer. Ron Guidry. Catfish Hunter. Reggie Jackson, Dave Winfield, Paul O'Neill.

Hearing my dad talk about the stars of his day.

DiMaggio. Rizzuto.

The Yankees are more than just a team to my family and me. It's part of our background. Our Noo Yawk roots.

I just hope they can preserve the white trim.


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