Friday, September 19, 2008

The women, and what they do to themselves

There is no way I am going to see the remake of this classic film, and not just because of what Meg Ryan has done to her face. I mean, Meg, what's wrong with you? You lived through the 80s. Didn't you catch Terry Gilliam's brilliant Brazil? At the time it seemed like satire, but unfortunately actress after actress (and some actors) and Hollyweird plastic surgeon after plastic surgeon makes this scene a reality. It's painful to watch.

But back to The Women and remakes. We all know that there seems to be little original thought (or collective memory) in La-la land, but it didn't take much research to confirm that this movie was already re-made - as a musical.

Sorry, as campy and dated as it can be, I'd rather watch the 1939 babes trade barbs (and check out the technicolor fashion show - take that Project Runway!):

Crystal Allen: There is a name for you, ladies, but it isn't used in high society... outside of a kennel.

Edith Potter: Darling!
Mary Haines: Hello!
Edith Potter: Your so slim I could kill you!
Mary Haines: You don't have to, The diet I'm on is pure poison!

Re Meg Ryan, one of People's most beautiful in 1984 (ahh, those were the days) - I just don't buy the crap that "mature" actresses can't get any good roles, so they mutilate themselves to try to compete with the younger ones. Our culture is (and always has been) youth-obsessed. We've all heard about how to judge beauty - basically it's the proportions of a baby's face.

Beauty regimens and standards may slightly shift through the ages, but youth has always been a draw (Henry VIII, anyone?) I'm not against trying to look good, stay healthy. Dye away the gray hair (you go, Todd Rundgren!) And if a little nip and tuck is in your budget, I guess that could be part of the routine. But the problem is, once you've started, where do you stop? Meg, please stop.


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