Wednesday, February 24, 2010

imaginary friends

Some quick impressions of last night's "Lighthouse" (stay away if you aren't up-to-date with Lost)

The sounds of an airplane are heard between scenes of Jack on the Island, Jack sideways. Hmmm. Last week the sounds of the smoke monster linked scenes of Smokey on the Island, Locke sideways. I don't remember if there were sounds linking Kate scenes in her episode.

Jack on the Island—always act first, think (maybe) later. Did the dolt just bust up a peek into the sideways-verse? I wonder what we would have seen if Hurley reached 108?

Jack sideways—still carrying some pain and guilt, but more patient, able to talk things out. Hopeful. And has a grown kid, whose mom is . . . ?

I'm still not sure if Claire is dead or alive but I am sure that she is freakin' nuts. Allo Rousseau nouveau. Make that nuts and dangerous. Jin is playing a very dangerous game and Kate is in for a heap of trouble. Somehow crazy Claire is way creepier than crazy Rousseau.

Hurley, with the power of Jacob behind him, tells Dogen to take a walk. Awesome, dude.

The lighthouse. The producers must have been playing Myst in the nineties.

Jacob is putting his pieces on the board as Locke is set to storm the temple. As much as we are supposed to be following Smokey's narrative of Jacob spying on and manipulating the "castaways," (Jack sure as heck is thinking that way), I think we are actually back to a question of faith. Don't most people who believe in some sort of deity also believe that deity can observe them? Maybe the lighthouse is a physical illustration of just that—how Jacob looks after his flock. Get it, Shephard? Jacob doesn't even need the lighthouse, as he knows what's happening or about to happen back at the temple. Lots of religious iconography.

I think Hurley's got a great soul and a deep spiritual connection. It's no small coincidence that he has been visited by Charlie, Mr. Eko, Jacob, etc. on and off the Island. He is following Jacob by virtue of sharing a taxi ride with him. I'm not sure why people all over the 'net are still arguing who's good vs. who's evil. It's pretty clear to me which side I'd rather hang with. And not the one with the axe-wielding freakazoid jungle girl.

Jacob is interested in Jack (#23), Hurley (#8) and apparently, no one at the temple. Sun & Co. are making their way there. Is the Big Bad Jacob was referring to Smokey, or one of Sun's party?

Smokey has lined up Claire, Sawyer (#15) (he thinks, but I'm still not sold on that) and will now undoubtedly make a pitch for Jin (#42, unless Jacob meant Sun, but my money's on Jin). Sayid (#16) is supposedly "infected" like Claire.

On the loose, numberless Kate (per usual). But she's bound to run into Sawyer, Smokey and Claire any time now. Jack told Hurley it's all finished with her. Claire told Jin if Kate took Aaron she'd kill her. If you look at the screen captures from the scene in the lighthouse it appears as if Kate actually does have a number, as does (did) Rousseau. Just not one of THE numbers.

Looks like next week all roads lead to the temple . . .


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