Wednesday, February 10, 2010

lost time is never found again—Benjamin Franklin

The quote above could very well refer to the extended snowed-in federal "holiday" we've been experiencing, but it also in this case, refers to Lost.

My friend Jane posted this link to a Lost theory, which focuses on Egyptian mythology. I've been checking some other theories out on the EW site. While an entertaining read (but watch out for spoiler-theorizing), the writer seems to miss or misinterpret major plot points (like the truth behind Eloise stage-momming Daniel Faraday.) I had been thinking about Set & Osiris too, but didn't make the Horus/Horace connection. Nice homophone.

I think there are a lot of mythologies being mixed (Greek, Egyptian, biblical, etc.) together on this wackiest island since Gilligan's. The Island is sort of like Joseph Campbell's all-myth's-tell-the-same-story island. Maybe the Island is where myths—or religions—originate?

I have also been thinking about the smoke monster. An episode early in the series called it Cerberus, which was the three-headed dog, guardian of the Greco-Roman underworld. It has been called a temple guardian, too. But sometimes it deliberately does not attack (Eko, John Locke) and sometimes it attacks and kills, or at least tries to (John Locke, countless others.) I do remember a shot of it where it seemed to have three serpent-like heads . . .

There are plenty of theories all over the internet about how this all might end. I don't really want to look that far ahead. I'd rather sit back and enjoy the ride. But I do think that all of the Losties are on the Island for a reason, even if they don't know the reason. Isn't that the basis of all religious inquiry—why are we here, etc?

I do think that Jack will play an even more major role on the Island, like Jacob or Richard. I'm not sure about Locke anymore. He seems to keep auditioning for that part and not getting it. Will Sawyer? Like Locke, he was the only one who, once there, never really wanted to leave. And the Island seems to like that in a person.

. . . . . . .

As to last night's episode, first impressions:

Sexy Sayid, what have you done? Is he or isn't he? The other Others seem to think so, but Ben used to peddle a lot of Island lore that wasn't exactly true. Jack didn't buy what they were selling.

Kate is Born is to Run. She's a fugitive. And a killer. And a hero. She wants to help Sawyer. Or Claire. As Jin asked, "What do you want, Kate?" Good question. She keeps changing her mind on that one, from moment to moment. Not sure what the Island wants with her, except as a catalyst for others. Or someone who is always scrappy in a fight.

My sister's back, and there's gonna be trouble. Claire is back and armed. Is she all spooky like the other Others think? Does this mean we get to see Christian soon? Hope so, I like him.

I'll see you in my dreams. Sawyer is sad and angry and through with the whole damn lot of them. So he's ripe for "Locke's" picking, if the previews aren't fooling us.

. . . . . . .

I watched LA X part deux before this episode and wanted to reach in and slap Jack AGAIN. I was happy to notice that Jin and the rest exchanged glances when the other Others proposed drowning Sayid and warned them that there might be "consequences." There was a huge pause, and then Jack said, "OK. Do what you have to do," or something like that. What? They gave you an opportunity to ask, "What sort of consequences?" or discuss amongst yourselves, and Jack goes diving right in, making a unilateral decision. Tonight Jack also went with his gut and it paid off. Or not. He either made the right decision in staying Sayid's execution, or not. We'll see. But he really hasn't changed much. Death of Juliet, Locke, his dad, etc. guilt or not hanging over him, Jack always moves ahead.

Probably one of the main reasons I find the character of Jack so annoying is, I have to admit, he is an extreme version of myself. I am also a total fixer. If someone is in trouble, I am very empathetic and pick up on it right away and try to see what I can do. I have been told I am equipped with a very good bullshit detector. This has served me well, many times, but the downside is that people don't like when you can call them on their b.s., so you have to exercise discretion. I'm a problem-solver, and a lot of the times can look at a situation and figure out a quicker or better way to do something. But what I will do, and the character of Jack seems unable to do, is listen to others and put myself in their shoes. I'm able to be a team player when the situation requires it, although as an artist I do prefer to work alone.

It's hard to know if Jack's single-mindedness is all part of his being a top surgeon. It may be the characteristic that will make him the ultimate Island decision-maker. He took charge from the moment flight 815 hit the beach. Redemption has been mentioned, but maybe, a la Joseph Campbell, what is really called for is for him to follow his bliss.


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