Thursday, February 11, 2010

it seems too easy, but what the heck . . .

. . . I may as well weigh in on the John Mayer douchery debacle.

I don't consider myself qualified to rant on what are being dubbed his racist comments in his recent Playboy interview. It is being discussed by many on BlogHer and other forums. His back-pedaling or trying to blame his statements on pricey Scotch doesn't fly either, because it wasn't just one slip, or inappropriate turn of phrase. He goes on and on, making idiotic white/black analogies. In fact, if he hadn't been so dumb to go down that road, a stray comment might have been lost in the sea of whining, bragging, and general sexist stupidity that makes up the rest of the interview.

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For someone who seems to be such an unrepentant starf*cker, he sure does want everyone to LIKE him, a la Sally Field's infamous Oscar speech. He may now have fame and all the accompanying trappings, but how crass is it to compare his extremely well-known ex-girlfriends? In Playboy? And then talk about how uncool it probably is to compare them. And then continue. He did everything short of drawing diagrams. Jennifer, Jessica and countless others, consider yourselves lucky for dodging this babbling bullet. I know it's Playboy, but do these ladies (and the rest of us) really need to know his only true devotion seems to be getting down with himself as often as possible (that is when he isn't downloading 300+ crotch shots?)

As hard as he might try, this is hardly an argument against the google-searching of "douchebag john mayer" and the impressive hit results. Apolgias aside, can this be a learning experience for Mayer? Can he grow up and zip it?

I've never been a big fan, I'll admit. I like my rock stars to rock. I find his "whisper-singing" annoying. In fact, singing all "breathy" like that is a technique usually employed by folks who can't really sing. The only one who could really pull it off was Marilyn Monroe. But she didn't always sing like that. It was a persona. And John Mayer, you are no Marilyn Monroe.


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