Sunday, October 24, 2010

happy halloween meal

McD's Happy Halloween Meal
We don't go to Mickey Dees all that often, but when we do, I'm always amazed at the happy meal toys. I know some consider the mere existence of a happy meal and its toy marketing tie-ins controversial, but I don't. We live in such an over-saturated marketed world that McDonald's is just part of the landscape. My six going on seven year-old could never bully me into a McDonald's visit. Many times when we go she doesn't even want a happy meal, as she doesn't like cheeseburgers and only every once in a while eats chicken nuggets. Most of the time she gets the grilled chicken snack wrap. Why McDonalds doesn't add that item to the happy meal I don't know. Or mac and cheese. I think if they offered mac and cheese they'd put the other fast food joints out of business. But I digress.

Sometimes the happy meal toys are junky, but sometimes they are actually collectible. I don't think that this Mr. Potato Head trick or treat bucket is exactly a collectible item, but it sure is fun for the kid to decorate with the stickers that come with it and it's good design. The way that the food and stickers were packed in the bucket was very clever. The skull handle rocks. It's just cool. And it will hold crayons later. Or maybe some of those other happy meal toys she has lying around ...

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