Friday, October 01, 2010


I really enjoy my weekday morning constitutionals. Every day I take a slightly different route, walking a little farther, taking a bit more time on the beach. I only had to skip walking one day, when the weather just did not permit.


This environment is so different from where we used to live, that I could just walk around goggle-eyed, in awe of my new surroundings, but I find my artist's eye keeps getting attracted to details (as always). What I am really enjoying this week are the patterns I keep finding everywhere, both in nature and man-made.

Palm weave

Thanks to my trusty iPhone, which is always with me, the only camera I have used in the past two years, I can record and share these snippets. The other interesting thing I am noticing is that my walks are not just enjoyable, but actually addictive. I feel that I am missing out if I don't get out and enjoy the world around me (keeping a proper record, of course.) This computer geek is in danger of becoming an outdoorsy type.


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