Thursday, September 05, 2013

harry — what we'll miss

The kid was understandably quite upset when I broke the bad news to her about the loss of our beloved Harry. But she, on her own, channeled some of her grief into this lovely little photo illustration.


I thought it might help if we not dwell on the sad last few days and think instead about some of the good times we had with Harry. What we liked about him and what we'll miss.

He loved water. He used to try to get into the shower with me every morning, and then run out and shake water off on whoever had the misfortune to be in his path. 
He was an amazing jumper
He had the typical Siamese cat meow, or more correctly, MMMowwwww. He was a talker, and would answer me back if I asked him a question, many times sounding like he was saying, "now" or "wow." 
Like all black cats he had some white in his fur. In his case two vee shapes, one on his chest and one on his belly.

There's lots more, of course. Our pets have individual personalities and quirks, just like we do. RIP Harry. I love you and miss you. 
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