Monday, September 02, 2013

fun with grandma (and a new app)

The kid has been having fun with a new app on my iPhone, PicCam. She even got her grandma to pose when we were there visiting her this weekend at the nursing home.


I have been finding that as far as Mom is concerned, it doesn't seem to matter if she saw us the day before or almost the week before. When we come she is happy to see us. We sit together and she is very engaged at first — she held my hand for quite a while — and then she tunes out a little. I try to engage her with photos or other things, but most of the time she is just happy looking at The Kid.

I guess the fact that she seems just fine where she is, and happy to see us, and a little sad, but not pissed off when we go, is a blessing and I should just breathe a big old sigh of relief. I'm getting there. Not yet, but soon, I hope.
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