Wednesday, September 25, 2013

i went for it

One of my brother's favorite phrases used to be "I got a good deal," and I have to admit that I'm happy to say that I did, recently, too. We have two iPhones — one replaced our landline at home and the other is my long-time cell-phone. The "home phone" is a 3GS, and in today's smart phone world, it is still a great, working phone, but it is no longer able to be updated with any new operating systems. The other, a 4S, I've had for two years, and September is my birthday month ...

Long story short, I was able to basically get one (a 5C, above right) for free when I traded in the 4S, and the 3GS I upgraded to a 5S (above, left). Two new phones. And I have also finally committed to living here in Florida — I changed both of my old phone numbers from their DC area codes to our local Florida codes. And thanks to  very helpful person at AT&T (yes, really!) I got some savings in the process — I was actually paying a DC tax for using the phones. I got grandfathered in with my old unlimited plans on both phones (whoo hoo!) So much has been going wrong lately that it is a really nice change to have something go my way. And the phones are damn cute, too. Happy birthday to me!


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