Tuesday, September 24, 2013

hunger strike

My mom is being difficult at the nursing home, not eating and drinking like she should. According to the nurses, doctor and nurse's aides, she is only eating or drinking abut 25% — everything is measured in percentages in their world — at each meal. Maybe at lunch she brings it up to 50% Maybe.

She was difficult when she was in the hospital after her fall, too, and I had suspected at that time that that might be the new norm, basically the beginning of the end. And then she seemed to rally, even really like her new surroundings. Maybe she still does. But there is no denying that over the past week she has taken stubborn to new levels, refusing a lot of the food and even some of the liquids offered to her. you know that if she's not eating chocolate ice cream she's serious. It's the only aspect of her life that she is still in control of, I guess.

Saturday visit
She may not want to eat her soup, but she loves her doggie

So what to do? The doc has given her an appetite stimulant. That usually takes about a week to kick in. We all know that starvation is not a rapid affair. I hope that is not the road we are traveling. but I have to be prepared for whatever she wants and doesn't want to do. We have been bringing our dachshund to see her every week and that has made her happy, as they both have missed each other. I guess we can just keep taking things day by day and try to focus on the happy moments.


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