Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the moon is outside my window again ...

... and Jupiter was hovering brightly, earlier. It's exactly the sort of moment I'd like to, I used to, share with my cousin Ann. She was enamored of all the wonders—animal, vegetable and mineral—the earth could offer. And now that we are transplanted here in Florida, so far from where we used to live, so close to her, in Washington, D.C., it would be a perfect way for us to connect—staring up at a shared sky.

I wish I could tell her. About the moon, the move, and everything else that's on my mind. But Ann died four months ago and the only way to hear her voice might be to try her old cell number. But they've probably disconnected that. I can hear her soft voice in my head if I try. And I can at least write down some of what I'd tell her, some of what I'm feeling, as I navigate this new, Ann-less world. I know she's listening.


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