Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We are experiencing a tropical storm here. It's funny, I've been here visiting when there was an actual hurricane a few years ago and we had to sit in the shuttered apartment until it was over, feeling very isolated, but the atmosphere is still a bit more intense now that I'm living here full-time.


My first reaction when yesterday someone suggested that the area schools might close—you're kidding, right? It's just raining hard—was tempered by how far the palms were bending in the wind last night. School didn't end up being canceled today—guess they're saving those hurricane days for a real storm.


Looking outside, the sky is almost a yellow gray—the rain is so thick—just not over us at the moment. Hopefully it is passing through (sorry, Carolinas). Today was the first morning since my daughter started school that I really couldn't walk her there—we had to take the car. And I really missed my morning constitutional. But it's just rain. It's Florida. I don't want to buy into the general weather hysteria of the area, but I have to admit that I'm hoping hurricane season is on the wane, too.
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