Monday, September 13, 2010

this was the longest freight train ever


Seriously, about a hundred cars. I had time to just sit and stare at it before finally breaking down and fishing my phone out of my bag, which also took a while to find and then leisurely snap a few photos.

Enough time to wonder about how our country can still transport goods by train and ship (we constantly see freight ships out in the ocean). The boats offshore seem bound with goods for the Bahamas . . .


So where was this uber-train going and what was it carrying? According to the Florida East Coast Railway (FEC):
FEC moves major carload commodities of aggregate, automobiles, lumber, farm products, food and kindred, machinery, pulp and paper, petroleum products, and stone, clay and glass.
We see trucks on the highway all the time, but I guess I had forgotten about trains and boats being sources of goods. It seemed like something from another era.
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