Monday, September 27, 2010

morning constitutional

As I get more and more used to my new routine and new Florida life, I am trying to work as much of the beautiful surroundings into my day as possible. After I drop off my daughter at school I take a walk, explore the neighborhood.

Pink Steps

Depending on what direction I take I can be strolling through either residential or commercial streets.
A recent walk on famous ritzy shopping destination Worth Avenue and its vias yielded lots of unexpected fun visuals, from sculpture...

Putto with grapes

... to ceramics ...


... to the immense current construction project, including the installation of some giant palm trees.

Palm Trees in waiting

It is interesting passing stores like Saks and Gucci, all closed. My walk is early in the day, before retail hours, and it is still early in the year, before "the season" has begun. But there are also a remarkable number of empty storefronts, "absolutely final sale" signs in the enormous plate glass windows. Times are tough all over, apparently, even on these fancy streets.

New things to see, new things to learn every day. Who knows where tomorrow will take me?
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