Monday, September 06, 2010


I just bought a receipt scanner. I've had it with all this paper. It was a little scary at first. I've been keeping and filing away bits of paper for years—what if I need one of these someday? Not that I've needed any of the old bits and pieces lately.

But it was still a little strange-feeling.

At first.

And then, after paying my bills online per usual, I noticed that a bunch of the companies are now offering to send the bills via email. No more paper mail. They aren't worried about me keeping a paper copy. I have been paying my bills online for years—for convenience, to save postage. So I went, practically overnight, from feeling a bit of trepidation towards tossing out an old habit along with the paper receipts to embracing this new system and feeling free and unburdened. I want to start going through all my old files and start scanning and paper-tossing. We'll see if I actually end up doing any retrospective scanning. But I do now have a way to eliminate the paper as it enters the house.

Look at me, paperless.

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