Tuesday, August 12, 2014

r.i.p. robin williams

Like so many, I first encountered him as Mork, grew to love his crazy, improvisational stand-up routines, and loved his funny and serious turns in movies. Some of my favorite of his film performances are in The Birdcage and The Fisher King. When I picture Robin Williams I see him in his stand-up persona, wearing crazy rainbow suspenders, complete with cloud buckles as he hopped and joked and did his impressions all over the stage.

Suicide is always a mystery, and if there was ever any proof that fame and talent and money are meaningless in the big picture that is life than this is it. I am just so sad that for whatever his reasons, he wasn't able to stay. To take a breath and embrace the little things. To just be in the moment until the dark cloud passed. He will be missed.


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