Monday, August 11, 2014

i love the ocean

I always have. I don't think I ever want to live too far away from it.


I've been told my natural homeopathic remedy is Natrum muriaticum, or sea salt.

A substance that is largely responsible for the flow and exchange of fluids and the flow and exchange of neural signals, displays extreme sensitivity and receptivity – or awareness! This is true of the salt subject or archetype. ...

... They need to appear strong, to show no weakness, but inside they are exceedingly vulnerable and afraid of being hurt. Often there is a history of a broken relationship, a love disappointment. Since that time they have never permitted anyone to get too close to them emotionally. They will even avoid getting into a position where someone might get attached to them. It is not the attachment that they fear, but the outcome, which they anticipate with dread: the end of the relationship, the betrayal, the disappointment, the terrible loss, the grieving and the humiliation. — Nat Mur, British Homeopathic Association

Ouch! Sounds a bit too familiar.


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