Tuesday, August 26, 2014

a few words about the emmy awards

I really just tuned in for Billy Crystal's tribute to Robin Williams. The red carpet was redder than usual, as the bright bold color showed up again and again on actresses. There were a few surprises, especially Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock winning three Emmys. Julia Louis-Dreyfus looked amazing and was as funny as ever, as a presenter and a winner. Seth Meyers was an OK host, although his best bit was a pre-taped Q&A with people on the street.

Andy Samberg had probably the biggest laugh as the night he romped, with presenter Lena Headey, post-Weird Al Yankovich musical number, as the odious Joffrey from Game of Thrones. It was too bad that Game of Thrones was shut out of all of its awards, but maybe the Academy, like me, is still reeling from what happened to Oberyn.

The internet is buzzing about Sofia Vergara on a revolving dais, being used in a sexist skit. Are they kidding? Didn't anyone watch the pre-show where actresses were asked to stand for the 360 degree cam to show off their fabulous gowns and gym-toned bodies? We are now shocked that actors and actresses are objectified? Why are people who would complain about such a skit even watch a show like the Emmys, where we watch beautiful people congratulate each other for their super-high paying and fortunate careers? Sigh. It's all a show, just for fun and glitz. Relax, people, or change the channel.


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