Thursday, August 28, 2014

throwback thursday: back to school

The kid is now in her second week of fifth grade. Here we go again, having to buy school supplies and pack lunches (or pad her school lunch account.) All the rushing around and saying goodbye to summer got me thinking back to a simpler time, my school daze ...

Dad cut my bangs crooked again, but I'm all smiles, third row, second from the right (Kindergarten)
I must not be the only one waxing nostalgic, as there have been some fun back-to-school related posts circulating online. One of them definitely struck a chord, as it compared going back to school in the '70s versus today. I must have been deprived, as I never had a cool TV show-themed lunch box and thermos. It was always a paper bag lunch and an ugly plain plaid-patterned thermos for me. Ahhh youth ...


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