Thursday, November 13, 2008

men in black

Last night D.C. traffic was at a standstill, for one of its usual and particular reasons - a presidential motorcade. As the cars went by and I explained to my daughter what exactly a motorcade was, she got excited - "It's Rocko Bama!"

Not yet, honey, but soon.

As I waited for the motorcycle cops to file past, I thought back to the Clinton era, when I first lived here. I saw Old Bill many times. He was always in the third car, and always smiling, waving out the window. The Bush era was very different, in the wake of 9/11, but I imagine they still would have opted for tinted glass and agents hanging out of the SUV windows, weapons just out of sight, with Bush impossible to spot. Sort of like a Wild West stagecoach.

The Obama era will pose new problems and probably heightened security. As much as I'm sure that he will be more friendly and visible than Bush to the masses, the security level will most likely be extremely high. Somehow the scene from Men in Black where K shows J the weapons keeps playing in my head. I'm hardly a member of the NRA, but I will be happy to know that someone like Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones will be watching our president's back.


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