Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama-cracy in action

It took a little over an hour to vote this morning. The line snaked around the block 3 times. In a shoo-in district, as well. I say district, as D.C. is still fighting for statehood. Maybe in the new administration...

I have so much swimming through my head this morning. Like many of my friends, I have been reading tons of articles, talking to folks, thinking non-stop about this election and what it could mean, and now we're here.

And here's what this election has become for me. Not just a huge breath of fresh air, but a message to Americans that they really have a voice, that we can join together and create change. Vote the bums out. Which is why articles like this are off-the-mark and unhelpful. That was the old guard way of thinking and living. People who weren't old enough to vote in the last election are voting now. Folks, who because of their race or ethnicity or lifestyle or belief system felt that they were excluded, now realize that everyone's included. We're starting the new century now.

As we waited on line to vote this morning everyone was quite convivial, discussing which after-parties they were going to attend. Not really an option for me, but I would probably choose to do what I will be doing tonight anyway - hunkering down in front of the digital fireplace, switching from the Daily Show to CNN and beyond, watching the results, and eating popcorn.

Because it's a big party America, and we're all invited.


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