Tuesday, January 12, 2010

doing what's right

Although I firmly stated before that I don't make resolutions (and I meant it), I can already see that this year is going to be about me choosing to do what's best for my family and me. The heart wins over the part of the mind that dispenses guilt. Maybe truly a guilt free enterprise at last?

It probably sounds simple to most, but it was a hard decision for me to keep us home from work and school just one more day this morning. I actually got up, even though I was still feeling exhausted and started the morning prep. I peeked into my daughter's room and saw that she was lying across the bed the short way. Somehow that image convinced me and I canceled our morning routine and went back to bed.

Not until a few hours later did I realize that yesterday wasn't a true sick day or day off at all. What with the rush to the doctor's office and the waiting for meds at the pharmacy and the extra loads of laundry done and the back and forth about whether to do or even receive another medicine. Stressful. Ridiculous.

So today we are taking it really slowly. I'll go out at some point and get the second med and some BRAT diet staples. But that's it. Plenty of television and books and hopefully, even a nap are on the horizon. Because every day should be about us. Not just a laundry list. That's my goal.


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