Saturday, January 09, 2010

twists and turns

Yesterday we thought we would be going to visit a family member, but they had other plans. We decided to stay in and just watch movies, but I realized I needed some supplies to do the laundry.

As we headed out to Target I saw my car in what I thought was a great parking spot, but someone had dropped a garbage bag with a metal rod sticking out of it behind it, so I thought I better move it to a less perilous spot. We continued to Target, where I thought I was going to just pick up a few items, but you know how that goes. While there, we ran into a classmate of my daughter's and his family and we had an impromptu shopping play date and a quick lunch together.

When we got home I started the laundry where I ran into a neighbor who told me she had locked herself out of her apartment. I leant her my phone to call the building management and my daughter and I got to meet and get to know a new person while we waited for them to help her out.

After watching a dvd my daughter conked out for an unexpected nap and when she woke up had a temperature. I let her stay up a little later than usual to eat a little of her missed dinner.

It pays to be flexible.


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