Thursday, January 07, 2010

oh my god what have i done

I brought a PC into the house. Or at least, Grandma thought that it would be great for my daughter to have her own computer, so after Xmas we went to Best Buy and got her a little $300 netbook.

I've had to parental-control it up the wazoo, but there are some fun sites her teachers have recommended for her to try that have counting and alphabet games, etc.

While we were at Best Buy my mom was immediately attracted to the Apple merchandise.

Well, duh. But not for the kid. Yet.

Of course if Uncle Steve comes out with the not-so-secret-surprise tablet that we are all expecting to hear about at the end of the month I might have wished we waited and kept it a PC-free home. It's bad enough I have to use these things at work, right? Except I'd probably not want to share with the kid and want one for myself . . .


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