Saturday, January 02, 2010

i am resolute . . .

. . . not.

I have never really gotten into New Year's resolutions, as I don't ever really think about the new year starting in January. For me it's in September, when my birthday is, when school starts. That's always been my true calendar. And I don't like to make a promise I can't keep. All that said, I do hope that calendar year 2010 eases up a bit on the stress quotient for me and mine (and you all, too.) And in my relentless pursuit to better myself, or at least not completely fritter away the time I have on this earth, I would like to:
Not get so easily upset/frustrated/angry with the sort of stupid daily crap that gets me upset/frustrated/angry

Continue to work on the myriad art/computer/craft projects that I have started and have yet to finish

hug my kid more and laugh and smile more

try not to sweat the big stuff, either

keep learnin'
How'd that decade sneak by me so fast, anyway?


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