Tuesday, January 19, 2010

rest stop

I am giving us one more day at home as the tummy bug runs its course. The fact that she is taking an antibiotic for the ear infection at the same time complicates things a bit, as it can be gastro-distressing. This whole episode and how I'm not pushing us so hard to "get back to it" is the only way I can mimic my childhood for her.

When I was sick as a child I stayed home from school. My mom was there to take care of me. While we were still young children she was a stay-at-home mom. She did have a part-time job every once in a while to help out, and she also was a substitute teacher, which gave her the occasional chance to utilize her masters degree from Columbia Teacher's College. But if either my brother or I was ever sick, she would stay home with us. We would have to stay in bed if we were really sick, but as we got better (or more stir crazy) we could migrate out to the couch to watch cartoons. Juice, crackers, some yucky-tasting medicine were all part of it. Being sick was awful, but staying home with mom, out of school, was also fun.

As a single mom I worry that I don't have that much time with my daughter. So as annoying and worrying as experiencing my child being sick can be, it is also quality time. And the couch set-up is OK from the get-go. Maybe someday she'll look back on the days she stayed home from school, maybe not feeling so hot, but also watching movies and eating rice and hanging out with mom. And then she'll get to do it all over again with her daughter.


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