Monday, January 25, 2010


Well, I finally made it through all five seasons of Lost on hulu.

Whew! I have lots of theories swimming through my head. And lots of impressions. But I'm ready for the final season next week, although I'm already feeling a little sad about not having another episode to queue up for viewing tonight. I will have to just see them on a weekly basis like the rest of the world from now on.

If you've never checked out Lost and always wanted to see a mysterious island/science fiction/action-adventure/time-traveling/conspiracy-theory/soap opera before, then it's not too late to try and catch up. Don't continue to read below if you're allergic to hints, my theories, or spoilers.

Impressions/favorite moments
  • My heart belongs to Sawyer, but Sayid is smokin' hot.
  • The smoke monster stopped in its tracks by Mr. Eko. I really miss Mr. Eko.
  • There is something just wonderful about Desmond and Penny. See you in another life, brother.
  • Why is Jack so annoying (or is that only me)?
  • Guns are bad (and everyone on the island is way too trigger-happy).
  • You All Everbody is damn catchy.
  • All the supporting characters are wonderful, but personal faves are Richard, Christian (I like him so much more than his hero son!), Rose & Bernard, Professor Arzt.
  • Hurley is just the best (Libby :sigh:)
  • Did anyone else love the season three "filler" episode Expose as much as I did? It was a great parody/alternate Jack/Kate story.
  • Locke may have been pathetic more times than not, but Jack telling him so in L.A. dropped him even more in my estimation, if that's possible. And disappointment to Richard, Ben, et al or no, the fact that the island healed Locke was significant. He was special.
  • Secrets and lies.
  • Good vs. evil.
  • Faith vs. coincidence Eko: Don't mistake coincidence for fate.
  • Daddy issues (Kate murdered hers, Jack and Jin are ashamed of theirs, Sawyer watched his kill himself, Sun & Locke have domineering and deceitful crooks of fathers, Lousy Father of the Year Award tie: Widmore & Ben - I could go on and on).
  • We're all connected.
  • What it means to be a parent.
  • Power struggles. Don't tell me what I can't do.

  • The island attracts killers, or, if you haven't killed before, you will at some point after you arrive.
  • Jacob and his nemesis (brother?) may tie into the Egyptian symbology of Osiris and Set, Biblical Jacob & Esau, be inspired by the computer game Myst and its battling brothers on a mystical island, or all of the above.
  • Why does no one share information (about mysterious polar bears or smoke monster sightings, metal hatches in the jungle, etc.)?
  • Was Rousseau "crazy" or was what she called a virus just the wrong name for what "infected" her crew (the Monster, or maybe Jacob's nemesis)?
  • Where did the Dharma supplies come from that the beach camp so eagerly grabbed and set up as their new pantry - the past, present or future?
  • What was the Dharma Initiative up to? For all the hippy tree-hugging, they seemed pretty evil.
  • "Ghosts" of Walt, Locke, Claire, Alex, and others who appear when they might not really be there. On the island are they the smoke monster in disguise or something, someone else? Back in the "real world" real ghosts appear to be visiting Hurley.
There's tons more, but that's enough for now. Any favorite theories you might like to share? I actually don't care if "all" the secrets are revealed in this final season or if some plot threads are left dangling. I think life, and art, needs a little mystery.

See ya on the island . . .


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